Heidi Kohler

No space is more personal than the one in which we live our lives. After 12 years of designing for a real estate development firm in Las Vegas, my passion for residential architecture solidified and prompted my move to Southern California. Spark Design Group's client first approach and trademark attention to detail instantly became the ideal partner with which to create unique spaces in true client collaboration.

Progressive in both process and creativity, Spark's standard of a seamless design experience, utilizes my BIM (building information modeling) background and allows us to engage our client in a three-dimensional experience from start to finish. Drawing on years of experience from a diverse set of skills, Spark's philosophy creates a custom design process led by the clients needs that produces personal, efficient and dynamic spaces. From ground-up design to kitchen design, Spark Design Group provides a transparent and accessible design team utilizing progressive industry technology to exceed our clients expectations.

Matthew Bergman

Listen, draw, make. It’s a very simple formula.
The Spark Design approach is very different in its simplicity: We listen. Listening to our clients allows us to tailor not only the aesthetic aspects but also the functional. We have found that truly listening to you is a step that is often overlooked. Asking a lot of questions about the way that you live in a given space, your daily habits and long term goals gives us a sense of the way to approach the drawings. You will have described your endpoint - we just need to draw it. I have always been able to draw. When I was young I would see something and could put it to paper; in due time I could imagine it and sketch it out.  Funny how we end up where we do. That ability to draw, coupled with teasing out the wants and needs of our clients results in a superior product and experience. Our goal is to draw what you want, not what we want or think you should. We spend the time to make sure all the parts and pieces fit together. We obsess over the details. When your project is completed, we are confident that what you dreamed of will have been delivered.

"Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art."  - Ralph Waldo Emerson